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Smart Shutters



Introducing Smart Shutters by Eco.


We’ve all been there, asking the question after we’ve left the house. “Did I remember to put the shutters down?”

It’s because of this question the dedicated team at Eco have been busy researching how to best improve our products and services and bringing them into the 21st century. Which is why we’re excited and pleased to announce the arrival of our all new smart shutters. Shutters you the customer can operated from anywhere there’s wi-fi using just your phone.  Perfect for those travellers that want to make it look like you’re home, when you’re away.


So, what exactly are smart shutters?  I hear you ask

Smart shutters give you the freedom and ability to control your shutters from just about anywhere in the world via your mobile phone. From your bed in the morning, to the other side of the world while on holiday.

All you need to operate our smart shutters is an internet connection, and from a starting price of $595.00, Eco’s tech team will provide everything you need for you existing or new roller shutters to become smart shutters.