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Established in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Eco Roller Shutters has quickly become one of the most popular and sort after roller shutter companies, in and around Melbourne, even Victoria.

It is Eco Roller Shutters long standing verified partnership with OzRoll industries,  that not only saves our customers money. But ensures our shutters won’t fade in the harsh Australian sun or bend in strong winds. Quite the opposite in fact, our shutters can protect your home, especially your windows from the elements.

Eco Roller shutters are often on the look out for new technologies to maximise  the shutters and make customers lives easier. Eco roller shutters were one of the first few companies in Melbourne able to offer smart shutters.  (Shutters able to be controlled from just about anywhere in the world using just your phone). Smart shutters will also work on any home smart speaker. Eg: Google home and Alexa. Smart shutters continue to grow and become more ad more popular with Eco’s customers.

Eco Roller Shutters  are a local family owned and operated business, known for their honesty. A company where customers are the number one priority. Passionate about offering superior products, without the the price tag. Providing fast expert installation and pride themselves on outstanding customer service.

Head over to our gallery or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ecorollershutters to see the enormous selection of colours we have on offer. Customers can choose from a range of motorised options including UPS (uninterrupted power supply) which means even if the power is out your shutters will still work.

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