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Benefits of Roller Shutters

Installing roller shutters on your home has many benefits. Firstly, roller shutters have been proven to keep intruders out.


At Eco Roller Shutters and Screens, we want not only to keep your house looking stylish we also want to keep it safe. That’s why we are one of the few roller shutter companies in Melbourne who use tracks for the shutters that a bolted from the inside. Not only does this keep the front of the roller shutter looking cleaner, it’s also a lot hard for anyone to get access to the window.


Studies have shown roller shutters bolted from the outside can be easily undone with a screwdriver giving the intruder access to your windows.


Installing roller shutters on your home isn’t just about security. Roller shutters can also help save on your energy bills by up to 40%.
We all know how hot Melbourne summers can get, and Melbourne winters can be freezing while traditional interior curtains and blinds block some of the heat and cold out, there’s a lot that still gets in. This is because unlike the roller shutter blinds aren’t attached to the window. Therefore leaving gaps where the heat can get in during summer and letting the heat out in the winter. With roller shutters it’s not just how they are attached to your windows, it’s also the material.
Eco Roller Shutters’ slats and tracks are made from 100% Australian-made aluminium. Window roller shutters can also reduce the outside noise. Perfect for those who live on busy roads.

Roller shutters are great in Melbourne winters too, in fact roller shutters can protect windows and home in all sorts of weather conditions.